Do a workout and do an event at the same time


Are you saying you want to be able to be in a workout while riding in an event? Sounds…interesting…

Yes.  For example do my workout while riding a Stage of the Tour de Oz.  Would have liked to do both.

Yes. So I’d like to be able to complete the tour de oz atm while doing a structured workout plan from Today’s Plan. At the moment it’s one or the other so if I want to keep doing my structured workout I can’t do that during the event and therefore don’t get the rewards that come with it.

I do see why you’d want to do that as I forewent a workout to do the same ride but I think it’d just make events full of ‘zombie riders’ ignoring all cooperation. Personally, I’d like to see more Zwifters working together during events, learning to draft in a group and taking turns at the front, not less. 

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I agree if it’s a race, but this isn’t, it’s just a stage thing where you go as hard as you want, or not. There’s no ‘winner’.

It’s just a difference of opinion. I’m not talking about winning, I’m saying I think it would negatively effect the spirit of an event and the user experience.

What’s the point of an event if there’s no podium? The answer is ‘riding together’. Since riders on workouts cannot ‘ride together’ there’s no point doing a group ride at all; unless all you want is a virtual jersey or the chance to enter a draw or some such thing (which I think should be secondary to other considerations like group riding or structured training).  I’m also unconvinced that doing a workout in an event would be very fulfilling; surging past people then backing off and getting passed, yo-yoing all over the place.

My 2c.  It may not even technically be possible so may be purely academic. 

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the point of this event is a ‘virtual jersey’ and 12 free SIS isogels (which aren’t virtual ;-)) when you complete each of the stages

My favorite experiences in Zwift are on the larger group rides. Building an alliance of a handful of riders and trying to catch the group in front. It’s also a gateway to racing, getting people used to the sudden shifts in pace and tactics. Sure it won’t be for everyone but it’s an experience I want to protect.

Incorporating workout mode would reduce both significantly.

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Workouts usually start slow.  Group rides fast.  I think immediately the folks who want to do the event while also doing their own ride or workout, not as part of a group, will be split from those wanting to make it a group ride.  My experience on group rides is folks break up into smaller groups of folks at similar pace.  You will still have your crowd.  It is unlikely you will see the workout people for long after the start.  It should not have any impact on your experience.  Live and let live.

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If you set a target power range in erg mode it could/ does give you some super downhill speeds not acheivable with gear range on any bike currently which could distort things further.

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