Display size - what size is best?

(Macho Lim) #1

Has anyone upgraded their display size and found it a huge improvement? What’s your story.

I’m running 32 inch currently and it’s OK but was wondering if a bigger screen would improve the experience But at what size is the benefit diminishing?

(Dan Dube) #2

i’m in a similar boat. i’m running on my 15 inch macbook, and it works, but considering going up to a 40ish inch 4k tv.

there are three things i’m thinking will be improved by getting a bigger display:
1 - details are small right now, i think i will be able to see better on a bigger screen
2 - my neck is not neutral when looking at my macbook. i think this is bad for my posture, and i think that i can get a more level view of a larger tv.
3 - it’ll be brighter. i usually ride at night, and more light would be nicer.

do you think any of those will improve by going larger?

(Heavy Metal Maniac) #3

I am using a 55" TV right in front of my bike and find it is a good size, so I would go with however large a display, you have room (and economy) for…

(Gleb Chugin #adoptdontshop) #4

keep in mind, that higher resolution requires faster hardware. Macbook will be able to run some kind of smooth on 4k display as long as you keep the resolution at 1080p I guess, anyway I don’t find macbook (even with a discreet graphics) as a great machine to run Zwift, main issue here is overheating. Let’s say, if fans on your mac do ramp up — it is already bad for hardware lifespan.

And to Macho Lim
I run Zwift on Apple TV 4K connected to a 42" Full HD TV hanging on wall at about 1 meter of the floor and a 1,5 meters from my front wheel. This TV is not set for Zwift only, otherwise I would hang it a bit higher I guess.

I would consider a bigger TV with a 4k support only if I had a top end gaming PC laying around, so to play it at maxed out settings (which really improves the experience from what you see on a big screen), even then I probably won’t notice any difference in graphics running it at 1080p with same settings being 2 meters away.

Hope that helps!

(Sonny ) #5

That depends on what kind of display you are looking at. I was running a 19 inch HD display, attached to a desktop running graphics with an Nvidia 760 GTX graphics card. The graphics ran smooth as butter and looked good, but it was just to small for my tastes. I had an LG 32" LED TV that was just lyin’ around after replacing the bedroom TV, so I threw that up for my Zwifting sessions. The “new” TV is pixilated and leaves a lot to be desired, though it does have sound which means through an HDMI input I don’t have to add a sound card or speakers. So if you are going to go with a larger display, then you need to be sure that in addition to your hardware being able to handle it, it can handle high-definition graphics.

(Johan Okynne) #6

My 50 inch TV (1920x1080) died between intervals the other day. Had to quickly dig out my old 20-something screen. I’d say that the difference was big. Planning on getting a 55 inch 4k TV tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about a projector but I kind of like the simplicity of a TV and the 50 inch worked well until it went out with a bang. Might post an update in the pain cave thread.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #7

You better have a super gaming rig if you want to run 4K, which I would suggest if you are using anything bigger than 32". There is no point in running 1080p on a big screen then you might as well run 1080P on a small er screen closer to you.

I have a 27" Gaming monitor about 1ft (300mm) from my handle bar and I prefer it to the 40" I had on the wall. Graphics is crisper and text easier to read.

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #8

Googling around this morning I suddenly discovered that my 52" Samsung now supports Steam Link; found the app, added Zwift to Steam and attached everything up. All I can say is that going from a crappy laptop to the full 4K UHD big screen in one day is like a week of wet dreams rolled into one.

The bigger the better…in more senses than one…

(Sonny ) #9

A couple of days ago during the Turkey days sales, I bought a cheap 43" TCL UHD TV for use with Zwift. It looks great at the highest settings and does the job I need it to do. Now we will just have to see how durable it is and whether or not it can withstand the subfreezing temps it will experience for the next few months.

(Macho Lim) #10

As mentioned in my post above - i have a 32 inch IPS monitor (phillips) - It’s actually pretty good - so i think 32 would be the minimum size for immersion. I don’t have access to anything larger than that so that’s my experience so far.