Display mirror to amazon fire TV

I got zwift running on my Google Pixel phone. But its too small to be usable. I would like to mirror the display on my Amazon fire TV device, which has wireless display mirroring. But I cant get this to show on the phone. How can I do it?

You can swipe down (before starting Zwift) and select Cast, this will cast your whole phone screen to your TV. Then start zwift as normal.

I dont have such an option after “swiping down”. But anyway I went into the settings for Android 10, selected “cast” and it said “no nearby devices were found”. Thats all after first enabling display mirroring on the fire TV device.

Sorry that did not work. I tested it with an android phone on a google chromecast. seem like the fire TV work a bit different. You may need a 3rd part app to mirror your screen to the fire TV.

I found this. I dont have a fire TV to test.

The issue seems to be that the Google pixel does not support miracast and when you try and use a 3rd party app, the frame processing rate slows down so that it is unwatchable. It doesnt work.