Discrepancies between phone and computer

(Luca Agostini) #1

I have noticed a difference in the timeline required to finish a workout between the Conpanion app on my android phone and my computer. Iny training Plan on the phone I have to finish the workout by tonight whilst on the computer it’s due by Friday. I noticed also a difference in the level. On the computer I was level 13 on the phone Still level 12. Anybody else has seen such things? I’m missing somethings? Tnks for the help

(Xavier) #2

Are you going through the FTP Builder or Build Me Up plans? We’ve gotten several reports about this issue with those two plans specifically, we talk about it a bit in this post. We’ve been hard at work on a fix, and plan to implement it in a future update.

If you’re riding in a different plan, then I’d like to be able to look into this further. If that’s the case, could you please write into support@zwift.com, and include the following info in your email?

  • A screenshot of the Training Plan information on the Companion app.
  • A screenshot of the Training Plan information on the main Zwift app.
  • All of your log files, instructions for those are in this article.

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