Disconnetion Heart Sensor during training


I’ve been having the following problem for a few weeks: My Garmin chest strap (HRM dual) loses the connection to Zwift after 1 to 1.5 hours of training. Re-pairing doesn’t work either. Only a restart of the laptop helps. The problem exists with both ant+ and bluetooth. It also makes no difference whether the laptop/Zwift is connected via WLAN or directly to the Internet via LAN cable. I have switched off all potential sources of interference (phone, watch…), the laptop is right next to me… All the firmware is up to date and the battery in the chest strap is new. For the life of me, I don’t know what to do.

I have seen that there are already entries on this problem. However, they are older and not quite the same. Because it worked for me for 2 years without any problems.

Greetings Franz

What happens when you pair the HRM via the Companion app instead of directly to the laptop?

Which trainer do you have?

I have the kickr bike. Connecting via Companion app works but it also loses connection. Logging in at the beginning works every time without any problems.

This suggests the problem may be with the HRM. To test further you could try pairing it to something else such as a cycling computer or a different app such as Garmin Connect.

there are no problems with the connection to garmin edge-cycling computer… it’s crazy. :wink: