Deviate the route

When I chose the route of coast crusher in Watopia. It doesn’t follow the route, instead riding the jungle loop again and again. I wonder what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Coast Crusher is a level restricted (level 10+) route. You are at level 9, normally you shouldn’t be able to select this route at all.

I saw it on the watopia route homepage, maybe it was because some parts of the route has level restriction so that leading to the deviation of the normal route?

I just entered the map as well and it took me on the Jungle Loop. So you have to be level 10 even in a ‘just ride’ mode?

That is correct, you can’t pass through the gate if you are under level 10 unless you are in a meetup or group ride that takes that route … and even if you are, once the meetup or group ride ends and you are back in the world at large, you will again be unable to pass through the gate.

Thanks guys! I’m now level 10+, I guess I can pass that gate right now:)