Delay/lag on wattage change in ZA WOs

When doing the ZA WO on my own, the delay/lag on wattage change is horrible. For example, in WO#1, it took 2’45" of a 3’ recovery to drop down to the correct wattage, even though I plan for a 15" delay. Sometimes, I can match the recovery wattage within 30", but then halfway through recovery, the wattage shoots back up to super high numbers. If I slow my cadence, I go into the spiral of death and I am stuck in super high wattage. As I approach the fence for the next change, the trainer adjusts and I am stuck spinning with the wattage dropping. I have been trying with ERG on and am super frustrated. Any suggestions?

This is happening on the mens ZA too. I thought it was just me! I tried restarting the workout a couple of times hoping the delay would be fixed but no dice. Even with ERG off, I still wasn’t able to get the wattage to work right. Yup, really frustrating. The delay was around 2.5-3.0 minutes for me.

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