Time lag on wattage change during workouts

I find when I do workouts that it can take up to 8-10 seconds for wattage to go either up or down between segments (example: 15 sec @ 245w, 15 sec @ 95w, repeat). In that example it takes 8-9 sec to get up to 245 and I’m only there for ~7-8 sec before wattage begins dropping. Microbursts are even worse.

Is there a setting I’m missing? It’s so much better doing workouts with so much to see/watch on Zwift versus say TrainerRoad or a Computrainer, but the above IS frustrating.

Thanks for any help (your Customer Support has always been exceptional and I hope your phenomenal success won’t get you bogged down).


PS: I’m only at Level 10 and I see there are many kits I haven’t opened, but I’m seeing a ton of what look like hometown team jerseys (or is that my imagination). Is there a way to get/create a personalized kit? Is it available? Is it…costly? Just wondering. A plug-in app to create your own, even from a photo might be really cool, highly popular, and potential revenue stream for ya (I’d “buy” a kit for 'round $10-15. Maybe several. But maybe that would take away from the “earning” levels incentives of the game/program).


You cannot create custom jerseys at the moment.

Here is a link for jersey codes: http://zwiftblog.com/kits/

Thanks. That’s what I thought. Just wondered as I see some teams out there. Oh well.
My real concern is about the wattage adjustment time lag in workout mode.