Deep Sea Downhill?

How about a long flowing downhill (via tube) to the Ocean bottom?  You can make a nice spiral climb back uphill (think Tornado Vortex). Make it really dark at the bottom and have really cool sea life like Anglers and Giant Squids as you progress back up the climb. The Ocean gets brighter as you ascend from the depths with varying sea life as you climb. Can begin or end right at the Pier by the Ferris Wheel.

Creating worlds to bike thru takes a lot of graphics. I think this could be much simpler to render and would add another vertical option of a completely different nature. 

You might be on to something.  That sounds pretty cool.

Yes! As you go deeper and it gets darker, employ creative lighting with floods mounted to stanchions.  At the bottom it could opened up into an underwater dome for turning around, perhaps the size of the radio tower turn-around.  Hmmm, inverse radio tower climb… :slight_smile:

Ha! Sweet, an underwater velodrome! I was thinking of it as a two-way ride. One side long, meandering with different pitches and the vortex up being a constant 7-8% and 2000ft incline back to the surface. (Like to see Great Whites eating scuba divers with a Sprint point right underneath it too - but that’s just me). 

This is a great idea. I love the computer game style stuff like the volcano, so crazy sea life and shipwrecks would be cool. 

Ok this will sound corny so please don’t hate. But whenever I watch Star Wars Ep1 and when they go to the underwater city, I think “this would be a cool place to ride a bike”.  Whoa, I’m running for cover! :slight_smile:

Makes total sense to me Steve. I mean why stop at that? There should be a whole level that takes place in space…like a roller coaster ride from asteroid to asteroid…all sorts of weird things flying by would be great. Island full of dinosaurs would be sweet too (Jurasic Zwift). 


Relax. No need to be a smart ass. If you don’t it, down vote. Simple. Like I did to your post. Sheesh

That wasn’t sarcasm. I personally don’t care about the racing scene, so I’m looking to be entertained while riding. Gungan City type landscapes are great ideas. I doesn’t always have to be an island or a city, or Alpe d’Huez.  Why can’t it be like the floating mtns in Avatar with roads connecting them together? Or space, or whatever?