A course into the underworld of Hades

All of the worlds of Zwift take you on a flat course to a hill or mountain.  So you are always riding a flat course to a climb.  Its always up.  Rumors suggest new routes will be more up.  Even the new ruins route is up.  New London route takes you up.

How about the reverse.  Flip the mountain upside down.  Like riding from the shores of Watopia into the the Mariana Trench, or the Grand Canyon, or even the depths of hell itself.  essentially your ride starts easy.  Really easy downhill.  Then you have to dig yourself out of the hole.

I realize this can be easily mimicked by pretending I’m in a hole at the start and ride up the mountain, or join a rider that is at the top and ride down and climb back up. But its the visual of dropping down into a hole that makes this seem more real.