Day-Night Cycle, how does it work?

Could somebody explain the day-night cycle in detail?
I would like to avoid riding at night and I would like to learn what the pattern is.

It’s always daytime in France and Paris.

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And the other regions?
I think it is always nighttime in Neokyo?
And Richmond:

Richmond has daylight.

If I recall, Innsbruck and Yorkshire are also only daytime.

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Nah that’s not right, both have a day/night cycle.


Wish I had more datapoints but Watopia, for me, has always been day if I’m riding during the day, night if I’m riding at night. (I’m in North America’s “Eastern” time zone)

It’s fun getting to the top of AdZ at night and seeing the aurora as well as the Giant Space Laser.

(per that screen cap, that was 5:38PM local, which is dark in winter here)

Indeed, I’ve never seen daylight in Neokyo and I’ve ridden it at all times of day.


It’s been a while, and I’ve slept since then, but I sure don’t recall seeing night on either Innsbruck or Yorkshire.

{EDIT} I just looked at a YouTube ride through on Innsbruck, and there was day and night.
I stand corrected. Thanks, @Dave_ZPCMR for setting me straight.


Neokyo is always night. France and Paris are always day. Everywhere else has the same day/night cycle I think.


It would be cool to have a setting for “Dark Mode” that makes it night when you want it to be night, day when you want it to be day.