Data usage while riding solo versus in group module

(Tim RO4H ZF) #1

 Anyone besides me see a huge increase in data usage when either using the group ride module or joining a rider versus riding solo? I am using about 19 Kb/10 minutes when riding solo but if I am part of a group the data usage spikes to about 500Mb/10 minutes – sometimes more. This makes riding on a limited data plan very uneconomical if one also wants to partake in group events. Anyone else seeing this data usage as you ride? Thanks, Tim. 


Hey Tim,

Check this article out:

They did a test on what used up the most data. Best pointer I noticed was, “To really save data, ride alone. Start your ride, disconnect from the Internet, ride for as long as you want, then reconnect to “end ride” and upload your ride file. Your usage will be about 10MB in total. It’s lonely, but a data cheap way to ride!”

Read the comments, someone also said, “This week I started a workout using 4G. After the login I disconnected and could do my workout, off course without other riders on the roads. I rode for 1 hour and the last 2 minutes I connected again using 4G in order to save/upload the file to zwift.
However the file was saved in my workout folder (documents/zwift/workouts) but not in ZWIFT….
At this moment you can’t upload that zwift workout file afterwards to ZWIFT.”

Ride On!

(vicc pham) #3

Hi Tim,

Thank you for reporting this issue you are experiencing.  We are currently investigating this issue with our QA team.

I wanted to follow up with you to see if we can get some information when this issue occurred from you.  These information will help us during the investigation of this issue.


  1.  The map you were on when the issue occurred

  2.  Date and Time when the issue occurred

  3. Approximately how many other riders in the pack were within your radius during the ride (Large / Small group)

  4. Name of the Group Ride / Event


Thanks Again,