Data table: w / kg too small

This is a very important value. It is not visible on the iPhone, ipad, even on a laptop. See my offer. Is not a simple change just enough? A simple change and there is an effect.

I think most riders don’t care about that value. And the ones who care just look at their own value and easily derive this from the actual wattage.

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I don’t agree with this. Particularly on a climb, I watch quite closely the w/kg of riders behind me so I can anticipate whether they’re likely to be gaining on me. Or indeed those in front to determine if I think I can catch them.

(And that’s not explicitly in a racing context - I do it just when I’m free riding up the Alpe or Epic KOM.)

I’d further say that I’d much rather see the value than have to do the mental arithmetic to work it out for myself all the time.

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I would prefer the difference in time and speed in a bigger size.

Since Zwift has some special magic in calculating speed from wattage and weight, I really don’t care about those figures. In fact, I have seen it quite often that other riders go faster on the Alpe whilst their watt/kg is like 0,2-0,4 watt/kg lower than mine.

You probably do not drive in a group. This is the basic value to stay in the peloton. As you look at the time it is too late. It is important to check in w/ kg all the time. I look at this value for all users while driving.

It’s still the single best metric available for determining if someone is trying to close the gap behind you and/or for gauging the relative effort of the rider(s) in front of you.

Can a rider pass you at a slightly lower w/kg than your own? Yes - because variables like virtual bike weight and aerodynamics factor in to in-game speed. But those effects, while real, are relatively small.

If you’re riding along at 3 w/kg, and you notice that the rider you recently passed has gone from 2.5 w/kg to 4.5 w/kg, you know that she’s going to close the gap and pass you (if you don’t react) long before the time gap between you begins to shrink.

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2x disagree, when it’s getting heated in a race, I’m watching that more than the riders.

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Either way, this data is very much needed. Which is not visible at all on iphonie and ipad. THIS IS TOO SMALL ZWIFT, please zoom in to IT.


I think it really depends on your usage and I am quite sure most riders don’t care at all with that number shown.

And I really do understand that when you are racing you want some extra data. You better make a suggestion for a different view of that table with better and more data.

I take the Fondo as a race and I would like to see the time in difference in more detail, with blue when it increases and red when it decreases, and how much more blue or red the bigger the increase/decrease.

I like the idea of changing this view, but I think we should look at all kind of usages.

Alexander, almost all group rides (and there are hundreds in any week) on Zwift use w/kg as the measure for the group pace. It is vitally important to all riders who do group rides.

I agree that the Zwift user interface and the way the data is displayed needs to be significantly improved, including options to turn some items off, resize them and move them around the screen. That way we could personalise our user interfaces and get the exact experience we need for our rides. Everyone wins!

Please Zwift, while you are considering making the UI more user friendly, can you please allow us to run multiple screens so we can push data onto a separate screen. Then we can have a clutter free main screen and larger and better organised data on a different screen.