Data science and women's cycling (and interactive graphs!)

Hi! I’m a 3rd time Zwift Academy participant excited to get ready for another round in this wonderful community. :blush: I’m also a self-professed data nerd and recently did some analysis on the demographics of the elite women’s peloton using data I found on the UCI website and wrote it up into a blogpost complete with interactive graphs that might be of interest to other people here. :chart_with_upwards_trend::bar_chart: Check it out!

(Unfortunately due to the interactive plots I don’t think it will display super well on mobile devices. So sorry in advance for that).

Looking forward to another great year in the supportive community that is the Zwift Women’s Academy



Wow that blog post looks epic!! Great effort. My first thought was “did you use R?” !

I’m just completing the Microsoft Data Science Specialisation at edX. I took the Python track rather than R (because I want to progress to TensorFlow). Did you find R easy to learn?

You’ve posted the mean years, do you know the median for “How many years do women stay in the peloton?” It must be close to 1 !!

Ride On!

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Hi Amelia - I really enjoyed your post, its so hard to find consolidated info on women’s cycling, so thnsk for putting it together.

Good luck with the rest of the academy!

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