Data missing Zwift power


In all of my activities, power metrics and max bpm are missing.

My Zwift id is verified.

Please advise

Many thanks

What’s your Zwiftpower ID?


thank you for your reply

Zwift ID: 4465446

Looks like your activities are all marked as Private. Change the activity settings to Public (in Companion App) and you should be OK going forward. Not sure if they will be fixed retrospectively without the Zwift team resetting things for you but you could try hitting the highlight button below and see if your old results come back over the next 12-24hrs.

I followed your instructions, changed settings to public and I’m waiting for the results.

Thank you for your help!

If it’s still the same by say this time tomorrow, drop an email to and ask that they reset the activities. They may not, or may only do the latest ones. But you should be OK for future events.

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