Data Drops new in last week

Hi all! 2 weeks ago, I took the week off as my son was born. Having not really done anything to my training setup, I returned to riding, using the exact same set of equipment that I have used for 3 months. Well, over the last week (before and after the March 2021 update), I have been getting random (but sometimes consistent interval) data drops. Sometimes Speed, Cadence and HR drop - sometimes just Speed and Cadence. Regardless, it is frustrating during a workout or race as you can imagine.

Here is my setup:

Zwift on PC running mid-level graphics
Zwift Companion App running on Google Pixel 3A
Connecting Wahoo Cadence, Speed and Tickr HR sensors via Companion App Bluetooth

Home wi-fi is a 2G/5G setup that are combined into 1 universal 2G connection - so no issues swapping between bands. Had that previously and as it is setup now, it solved that early issue.

Here are some screen shots where you can see the sudden drop and quick return - but in most instances, it is long enough for my rider to basically come to a complete stop. The first image is from a TT today and the other image was from 2 days ago in Watopia.

Any suggestions? Anyone else having this issue? Would be willing to work with Zwift to investigate further if they need more info!

First thing I would do is drop the log file onto and see what it indicates for your bluetooth connectivity.

I’m curious about your comment regarding “2g/5g connection combined into1 universal 2g” - why not just use 5GHz? 2.4GHz can clash with BT signals.

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Thanks for the advice - will drop that log file in shortly!

As for the wireless, basically my FIOS router lets me combine the 2 signals into 1, so that we do not have 2 issues:

  1. There are some IOT things in our house that have to be on a 2.4GHz band. If your phone is on 5G and the IOT device is on 2.4G, then it will not recognize the device.
  2. Also, I had the issue of being on the edge of 5G and then having the device switch to 2G randomly. This was an issue on work VPN early in the pandemic and moving from room to room with my toddler. Going upstairs would switch us to 2G and drop VPN. The combining of the bands solved this too - everything in the house runs seamlessly.

Lookup “Verizon Self Organizing Network” to see what I am talking about.

Thanks again - will report back!

Bluetooth signal data isn’t logged by Zwift any more, unfortunately. This was before the current issues with ANT+ logging.

Oh I missed that @Dave_ZPCMR - thanks. Thats a shocker.

@Richard_Barnhill Seems that Zwiftalizer wont be of help. Understand why you use 2.4g - the router appears to be quite limited.

Getting a mesh network extender could help those problems you describe (you could keep just Zwift and Companion App on 5GHz and rest of house devices on 2.4GHz) but we dont know what the root cause is and without something like Zwiftalizer, so not much point going down that path.

Has ANYTHING in your house changed in 3 months (new microwave, new wifi/BT devices etc?

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Thanks for the mesh network idea. I have considered that, but never really pulled the plug. I was able to get my router into the exact middle of our house after a renovation, so coverage is not really an issue as long as the 5G items are not far from the router - 2G coverage goes all the way out to my shed!

The only new thing that I can think of are maybe my new bluetooth head phone pods. I had a different set that I used previously and about a month ago upgraded to these. So, I’ve used them without issue from end of February to start of March. I know I have used BT headphones before without the issue - but maybe I will dig into these specifically?

Really digging - the only other change - again, about a month ago, is I set up a smaller TV with a FireStick to watch streaming channels, next to my main TV. Again, several weeks in February / March without this issue…

Again, no issues initially with either of these as the data drops started within the last week. I went back to doublecheck my rides. I essentially ride 4-6 times per week, so there is pretty consistent data leading up to when it started. Does it seem strange that these drops “look” like they are happening at regular intervals? I know they are not perfect, but they visually look far from random.

Yes, did notice though it doesnt help with what what the cause is - could be a mobile phone doing something semi-regularly as much as it could be the Zwift app doing something. Noise in these forums does suggest something may have been tweaked with bluetooth in Zwift over the past few updates and Dave who commented above has noted the past few updates have certainly received updated bluetooth files . But its near impossible to confirm whether its Zwift given Zwift dont say what they have done and of course we dont hear from the majority of users that dont have bluetooth problems.

If it were me, I would see if you can get everything you can think of turned off on your next ride (might have to send family out). No wireless keyboards, all phones off, tv’s off at the wall (I have seen interference from compressors in commercial fridges cause interference too so if you can, turn everything off) , just your router/wifi and your Zwift device left on. Assuming you arent in a block of apartments with wifi interference that should identify whether its Zwift or your environment.

Wanted to circle back with my observations for today. I changed 2 things:

  1. I did not use my bluetooth headphones BUT I did watch golf on my FireStick

  2. I used my new HP computer that finally arrived. Man, Zwift in high resolution with smooth graphics is so much better than on my 6 year old Lenovo! HAHA

Anyway, only had some random data drops right at the start of the workout, but after that, it was smooth sailing. I did everything else the same - connecting via Companion App. Not sure if the new computer matters here, but tomorrow I plan to workout with the headphones again to see if that causes it.

Nice one - its definitely a lot nicer. I’ve been caught out a few times with gazing into the graphics looking at details I hadnt seen before, then getting dropped because I wasnt paying attention!

Interesting - thats a lot healthier. Keen to see how you progress with this.

Day 2 update. Did 1 hour ride on Sunday.

New Computer
Amazon Fire Stick streaming Golf (again)
BT running through Companion App
Connected to and listening to BT headphones this time

No data drops…

Gonna repeat the following 2 days with my old laptop to see if that affects it.

The things that look like data drops here are when I jumped off the bike to attend to the 3 week old, who was napping in the basement with me while mom wrangled the 2 year old :slight_smile:

Could it be a new baby monitor?

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Good thought, but we have not added one. Starting with our toddler, we went the Nest Indoor Cam route, so that we could use our Google Home devices as our “monitors”. Additionally, we moved our daughter to her new room 2 months ago, so the “new” camera has been up an running since early February.

The only baby thing that I can think of that is new and electronic are the bouncers that have the vibration and lullaby functionality in them. They are on the floor above me when I work out - but definitely something to investigate if the old laptop does not reproduce the issue when I ride tomorrow.

Interesting. Those cameras also use 2.4GHz so when activated, they may not be helping with interference either.

Something thatcould be useful is to download a Wifi Analysis app on your phone and see how many wifi networks are bouncing around the same channel as your network. Sounds like you have a bunch of modern devices all playing n the 2.4GHz space so you wont want to be competing with neighbours at the same time - may help.

So I have done a ride for the past 3 days and no issues. I’ve tried all the iterations with the new laptop, so this weekend I will throw the old laptop back into the mix. There was also a Zwift update pushed, it seems, so not sure how good my testing will be now. Regardless, the issue has gone away and my rides are back to normal - but there are some great steps to troubleshoot here. I will update again if I find something, but I would like to thank everyone for chiming in with their ideas!!

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