Data display missing in pens

With latest update, it no longer shows the power/cadence/heart rate in the corner when in the pens. This makes it impossible to know if sensors are still paired once actually get going.

I’m often in the pens right on the 30 minute mark, and have had sensors disappear between joining and ready to go, and now I can’t tell any more! Please bring it back.

Noticed the same thing this morning. Windows 10 Pc Latest update.

Same on iPhone app.

How come Zwift manage to break something with every update?

I haven’t had a chance to confirm it, but have seen posts elsewhere claiming that the metrics are displayed in the companion app.

This is correct.

Like others, I noticed the stats window missing while in the pen. Hoping to have an idea of how my warmup was to ensure that I was still warmed up at the gate drop, I brought up the companion app and the dashboard was still reading all stats real time.