No Power ,HR or Cadence shown in the Pen

After the last update the blue block of information (Power ,HR and Cadence) does not show while you are in the pen. This is important to have so we can see if our sensors are working.

One other thing is the leader comments before the timer run out will all show at once once the ride start.

Sorry I don’t have a pic of it not being there.

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I also noticed this yesterday in the pen at the start of the Tour of Watopia - Stage 6. I agree that this is important information to have available - not just for sensor verification but also perhaps to complete a warm-up.

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I noticed the same but (I think) the info is still visible in the companion app (iPhone at least, I can’t speak for android)

It’s visible in the Android companion app as well.

I’m pretty sure power/cadence used to be displayed during the warmup in the pen before events but it seems like this has gone missing in a recent update (maybe the new desert update?)

That display was very useful during the warmup not least because you could check that everything was working properly.

Here is an example 6 seconds (13:46 into the video, you need to watch the video to see as the preview screenshot doesn’t show it) before the start of the recent Bologne time trial event:

And here is an example of what it used to be like:

It’s much easier to see the main screen than to squint at small numbers on a phone off to one side though. Even if the person rides with the companion app running (I often don’t).

I definitely want the main HUD display back during warmups.

And Leader comments only show after the Ride start. In one big batch.

I’ve also noticed this, it’s something I used to use for a pre-race warmup. I do realise that you can use the companion app, but not everyone does this, and I’m often using my phone for other things while doing some warmup. Please can we have the HUD back in the pen?


You can also use the ‘pair sensor’ screen which is also sub-optimal.

Did I miss the thread where people were requesting where this was removed? I don’t understand why it should be removed. Any idea if it’s been fixed in the latest update?

to tell you the truth I don’t know if the Power number issue has been fixed.

They worked on the Mass message issue, so it does not send a bunch of messaged when you exit the pen. but the leader messages don’t show in the middle of the screen while in the pen, or at least not for the leader.