Cycling jersey with symbols or words other than flags iconic or unique to a country

Hi zwift team,

I know The Philippines is not a major player in elite international cycling competition, I mean, not yet, however there are thousands of enthusiasts and hobbyist around the world and zwifters alike, and still growing, and because of this reason May I please request if team zwift could afford a jersey that would have any iconic symbols or words that would represent the Filipino community . We are proud of our heritage and we love sharing our culture and traditions globally, We are naturally caring, kind and polite,hardworking, family loving, being happy is in our nature , we love to participate and mix it up with the global community building good relations with the rest of humanity . We love karaoke singing and very competitive , we compete to the best of our God given natural abilities, we train hard using facilities and equipment we can afford, it may not be world class, but we do make breakthroughs through sheer hardwork, our mental toughness more than make up for lack of first class training facilities ……etc etc :blush: we love zwift , we are here to stay and help build a global web based cycling community , so give me a jersey to show the world I’m from The Philippines :grinning:

Thank you !

You might want to vote up this request already but for me the wearing of a national jersey should be limited to the national champion.

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The request wasn’t for the national champion’s jersey - it was for something emblematic of being a proud Filipino. And all power to it and any other who want to be proud Czechs, Aussies, whatever. I have a Union Jack jersey I often wear in real-life. Apart from colour palette it doesn’t even closely match the design of the UK’s UCI national champions’ jerseys so I don’t think anyone would make that mistake (we’ll also ignore the number of national development teams whose riders ride in their national colours without being confused for being the current champion).

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Yeah i appreciate that but for some jerseys it’d be impossible to make it a national jersey without it effectively being the national champions jersey. Belgium being one example.

There’s also the amount of developers time required to create all the jerseys. Then there’d be the obligatory moaning when a certain nation isn’t included. The evidence is there when there is a country missing from the list to put next to your name on the hud or companion app.

Maybe copyright would be a issue , but if it isn’t i would vote yes,

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Is there copywrite on a flag?
Eg… just google ‘country specific cycling jerseys’. One website’s offerings including eg.

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i really don’t see that as a major stumbling block, we do have all the time in the world, its not as if there’s any deadline in developing or putting into action an idea, specially in this day and age, now that we have a great web based platform in zwift, if there is one in the team zwift during the days when it was just an idea, says it can be done, there wouldn’t be any of us discussing about this now, Zwift and every tiny details and components that makes up of what is Zwift now, started from an idea, and it grew, and it has to keep growing and changing depending on the global climate, that caters to end users in a positive way, removing stumbling blocks in creating new components that will add value to an established platform is a must to stay relevant, adaptability and able to evolve is a challenge, but it is also the key to avoid becoming obsolete. Zwift is the first of its kind, its way ahead in front of the competition , keep innovating to stay ahead.

i don’t mean a copyright on a flag but maybe on the specific jersey design. you couldn’t just go to that site and use those jersey designs in my opinion

I’d rather developers time was spent creating things other than jerseys.
Can you imagine how long it would take to create the 195 jerseys required.

I think it’d be better if we had a jersey creator tool so we could design our own. I know it’s been muted to be in development.

Creator tool is not a bad idea , aside from power endurance and stamina or simply getting fitter, zwifters will now have a place to hone and polish their creativity, brilliant!:grinning:

I’m hoping however, that , creativity through creator tool, be developed in another thread, and so we don’t skew away from the original request😃

Thanks Stuart😊