Cycleops Phantom 5 Shifting Capabitliy

Hello, It looks like the other threads on this subject are archived. I purchased a Cycleops Phantom 5 last year. It’s a fantastic bike, and you can use virtual shifting with the Rouvy application, which I believe is Cycleops’ own application. Looks like several others have asked about being able to provide that same functionality within Zwift. My question is has there been any additional progress or developments around this subject?

I’ve been frustrated by this since buying a discounted Phantom 5 three years ago specifically to ride Zwift. I’d given up on it and had it at the local shop trying to sell the bike, since I bought a trainer for Zwift in the mean time (the Hammer, which is terrific). Couldn’t sell the Phantom and finally brought it home yesterday.

And I just had my first Zwift ride on it. Perhaps everyone else realizes this, but I’d missed the fact that you can ride in ERG mode just fine, letting the program take over the bike. This doesn’t work for 99% of organized rides (so far as I understand) or for a regular spin in Zwift. BUT it works for most if not all of the ‘workouts.’ So I’m keeping the bike and will do workouts in ERG on this bike, leaving the races etc. to the Hammer.

It’s incredibly frustrating. I agree ERG works for programmed workouts, but not sure how it would work for doing an FTP test, since you need to decide, in that scenario, how much resistance/wattage you can sustain for whatever period of time the test lasts, and since Zwift doesn’t support virtual shifting, you can’t do much with that, which is the same reason ERG doesn’t work for group rides. Honestly, because I have this bike, I don’t see much reason to stay on Zwift.