Cycleops Magnus Bluetooth dropout

Hi all. I have had much trouble with our Cycleops Magnus since buying it. The Bluetooth constantly dropped out and resistance ERG control falls away/drops out. We turned off all Bluetooth devices close by and updated all firmware. We even replaced the Magnus trainer but to no avail. Suddenly, we upgraded our internet connection to fibre, put routers through the house and the dropout issue has resolved itself. Our trainer is in the garage and c.30mtres from the main router at the other end of the house. The Zwift team have been great and supportive and hope they can log this as the clear solution to this problem to save others from similar issues.

What was the solution, it’s not clearly stated?

My guess is that you were getting signal interference since BLE uses a very common frequency and you eliminated that interference. I am sure you did not put “routers” throughout your house, I am sure you mean access points.

Going to ANT+ would have also solved the issue.