Cycleops Fluid trainer (not Fluid2)

Has anyone ever used or seen the Cycleops Fluid trainer, without the 2? Is the power curve the same as the Cycleops Fluid2 trainer? (As in, can I use it?) Thanks!

Bernie, how old is that trainer?  I think the original Fluid model was not made past 2002 or 2003?   From what I recall the Fluid 2 was the same unit, except it had a fix to keep it from leaking fluid after heavy use.  If that’s the case, it should be the same power curve.

It’s old. I got it from a friend, who probably bought it used, so I have no idea exactly how old. But it doesn’t feel old; it does the trick. I’m not a wattage monster (yet?), so I haven’t noticed any leaking fluid.

I’ve been using one. I figured the power curve was about the same. I select the Fluid 2 in set up. I’m also going off of the box and the website that says its compatible: