Cycleops Fluid trainer (not Fluid2)

(Bernie Langer) #1

Has anyone ever used or seen the Cycleops Fluid trainer, without the 2? Is the power curve the same as the Cycleops Fluid2 trainer? (As in, can I use it?) Thanks!

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Bernie, how old is that trainer?  I think the original Fluid model was not made past 2002 or 2003?   From what I recall the Fluid 2 was the same unit, except it had a fix to keep it from leaking fluid after heavy use.  If that’s the case, it should be the same power curve.

(Bernie Langer) #3

It’s old. I got it from a friend, who probably bought it used, so I have no idea exactly how old. But it doesn’t feel old; it does the trick. I’m not a wattage monster (yet?), so I haven’t noticed any leaking fluid.

(Zach Pfeffer) #4

I’ve been using one. I figured the power curve was about the same. I select the Fluid 2 in set up. I’m also going off of the box and the website that says its compatible: