Identifying this cycleops fluid trainer?

Someone’s selling this used cycleops fluid trainer for usd $220. I searched the web, but it seems that there are several different versions of the “fluid 2”.

Would anyone know which model this is? Is $220 a decent price?



Looks like a Fluid. 220 is high in my opinion. I actually scored one for 75.

Fluid 2. I’ve got one. Great dumb trainer. Good on Zwift provided you have a power meter. Zwift’s zpower curve is very inaccurate and will understate your power.


How did you know it’s a Fluid and not a Fluid2?

These are both Fluid 2, but they look different. The first link looks very similar to the lne being sold:

Agreed. When I moved from a Fluid 2 to a Direto Smart trainer, my legs seemingly got a 50W upgrade! I’d just smashed out the 50km elevation challenge, so there was some grumbling that with a more accurate power curve I wouldn’t have had to work quite so hard…

Looks very much like the CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer, which I bought in 2015 from Bikebug for A$327, including metal skewer, except the tensioning knob is slightly different. Mine, like the one shown, has a lot of wear on the roller. If I would sell it I reckon A$120 would be a fair price.

That’s a Fluid 1 and $220 for a second hand one is steep! I’m pretty sure you can pick a new one up for less than that?

Older models of the Fluid 2 trainer had the pivot handle which is what I have. Newer and current models have the rotating knob. The older pivoting handle needs a lot of force to get a decent tension on the tyre to prevent tyre slippage, almost to the point where you think you might break the handle.