Older cycleops fluid 2 - help

(Spencer Rockman) #1

Hi - I have an older CycleOps 2 Fluid (with the lever to apply the resistance wheel rather than the twisty knob). My times are pretty hideous - which although I am a little unfit did surprise me. I’d be doing about 30 kph according to my Garmin, but going up the hills I’d be registering about 4kph which felt a little wrong. 


Any thoughts please? Cadence wasn’t excessive - 60-70 and probably should have been spinning more - but this did feel a little low. 


Loving the platform - just not my performance :frowning:


(Matt Canna) #2

The hills take your zpower (so even if your doing like 30kph - 18mph at the power curve it is only like 200-230 watts ball park.


The 200-230 watts is plugged into the algorithmn and calculates your speed.

The garmin picks up the actual wheel speed.  

The game displays the speed with the wattage and weight plugged into the algorithmn.

(Spencer Rockman) #3

I think I just figured out that my weight was wrong… 171 kgs instead of 171 pounds. 

On the road that would create a big problem (171 lbs versus 370+ lbs) so I suspect that the game is pretty much reflecting that!

i have now lost some virtual weight so let’s see how that works out.