Customisable Mobile Dashboard

(PaulOYB Esson [BRT]) #1

In the same way as I have the option what to display on my Garmin out on the road it would be great to be able to customise my mobile dashboard (which I use in conjunction with my computer for head down data display) so that I could chose to display gradient, calories, average watts, etc.

(Toshi Kani) #2

I’d like to be able to change direction from the dashboard view.

(Mark Hewitt) #3

Don’t know why that was downvoted as being able to change direction from the dashboard view is entirely sensible, since you can already u-turn from there. Having the turn buttons on the same screen as wave etc was a silly design choice.

(Hefin Jones) #4

Yes please. It would be good to be able to see data such as avg power and accumulated TSS during a ride (as many people ride to a TSS target.)

In addition it would be great to have a “lap” button and associated features for when doing ad-hoc intervals. Having a similar set of lap data to view would be great (e.g. lap pwr avg).

Currently have to run a garmin alongside the zwift mobile app for this sort of thing which just seems silly, and means that split info doesn’t get put into the Zwift file that gets loaded into Strava/TP for analysis.