Custom Workout Categories

Whilst editing custom workouts in a text editor, I am trying to duplicate the categories and sub categories layout that the inbuilt workouts have.  For example multi-week training plans have the workouts group in ‘week’ sub categories.  I’m trying to work how how to recreate this for custom workouts, eg.

 - Training plan <category>

        ~ Week 1 <???>

                  * Workout 1 <name>

I can use the <category> tag to create a category

Obviously the <name> tag is the workout name

How do I create sub-categories/dividers. eg. for ‘week 1’, ‘week 2’, etc.  Is there a tag for this?

I love that ZWO files are easy to edit, just wish there was full schema documentation available so we can create, edit and organise workouts properly.  

Ian: Have you tried organizing your workouts as folders in folders?

I know you can have different folders within the custom workout group. For example, within the workouts folder on your drive, you can have sub-folders, such as “Custom Warmups” and “Sufferfest Videos.”

I haven’t tried having a folder inside those folders, for different weeks on a plan like your idea.

Didn’t think of folders… results are interesting.

  •  using folders creates the ‘sub category’ level  within a category (workout group at the root level), eg. with a sufferfest folder you get a sufferfest group inside the custom workouts.
  •  using the <category> tag within the zwo file, you actually get a new category/group at the root level, eg. outside of custom workouts.
  •  using a folder with a <category> tag doesn’t seem to create a sub-category inside a category as I hoped/expected.

 Still testing, but getting closer.  It would be great to have custom workouts well organised, especially as more and more are being shared.

I’ve been trying to figure this one out as well.

.I’m slightly amazed by the lack of two file format/schema info available.

Zwift workouts are a great feature that allows the platform to really compete with rivals such as Trainerroad and Sufferfest.

Zwift have created the TWO format with lots of useful tags and settings to enable everyone to create great workouts, adding value to their platform… but they refrain from sharing the full schema.

I have synced my training peaks and Zwift accounts yet I do not get the custom training peaks workouts option in the menu drop down?


please help - driving me up the wall 

I found that if you add a subcategory element, ex: <subcategory>Week 1</subcategory>, then you’ll get the sub-folder style grouping.