Critical power on ride report

Critical power graph on ride report no longer functions since at least two updates ago

What version of Zwift are you using Ken?

Whatever the latest edition is. My computer updates automatically. I believe it updated this morning. Version 1.1.6

The latest version is 1.40.

The reason I ask is because we’re doing a staggered upgrade from 1.39 to 1.40 over a 72 hour period and I want to check you’re on the latest version.

It tells you at the bottom of your screen whilst the game is loading.

The version I have is 1.40
Thank you

Thanks Ken - I’ll see if I can find out where we are with this.

Critical power graph still not working

Yep, I’m seeing the same on my rides.

@Ken_Havelka_USMES just checked in on this one, we have a fixed planned for 1.42, which is the next update but one, likely in 3 weeks time.

Thank you