Crit Crusher Training Plan Lacks Instructions/Prompts

I’ve done other training plans like gravel grinder and build me up where each workout has on-screen prompts such as an introduction about the upcoming work, each interval has instructions and relevant context about why we are focusing on specific targets or zones, motivating messages, etc.

I realize not all the plans have this built in, but it really makes a difference to me. Crit Crusher is one of the newer plans, so I would have thought that these messages from the coach who designed it would have been included.

I’m looking forward to the Zwift Academy workouts and hoping they have on-screen prompts written by the coaches. I find these both highly motivational as well as educational. Knowing the science behind the training method is important and makes me want to work harder to hit the targets and complete the workouts, especially the real difficult ones!


I absolutely agree with you on this @Mike_Rowe1. Having just come from the Build Me Up workout plan, I’m finding the lack of instructions from the Crit Crusher to be a bit off-putting, I don’t know how hard I’m supposed to hit the workouts, what cadence is expected of me…

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+1 from me. There is zero guidance on screen as to the required cadence for Crit Crusher. The workout descriptions hint at whether the cadence should be high or low at various points, but this is rather vague.

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