Crit confusion

I am new to Zwift and recovering from ACL surgery. I tried a crit race just to see what it was like and I signed up for CAT D. But when the race started I was in CAT A, how did I screw up? Thanks in advance!!!

How did you sign up: in the Companion app, or in the game itself? And are you sure you actually selected Cat D?

I signed up on the website. And yes selected CAT D. Is there a way to change it when your actually joining in the APP

The best way to sign up always seems to be the Companion app, but you can also change in-game. In the world selection screen you should see the upcoming events in the upper right corner. And if you’ve signed up in the Companion app there should be an Orange ‘Going’ next to your event. If you highlight that event it should show the category for which you are entered and, from there you can change it if it’s not correct.