Crit club

Hi, I did the first stage of Crit Club in group D, this morning I enter the second stage and they move me in group C, that’s fine, but what’s going to happened on my general classification?

I think unfortunately you will end up with 1 D result and the later rounds all C cat…

Maybe @James_Zwift can move your D result into a C time so you still count to GC across all weeks

Same thing happened to me last month. I tried to get them to move my D ride to C for the gc. She said no way. She also attached a couple articles about cat enforcement. Then suggested maybe I take 60 days off so I could go back to D.
For some reason, I don’t think she understood my request.
Who knows, maybe I misunderstood her. Hahahaha :rofl::joy:

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We can move your result into C.

Yes please

That’s done for you now - should update in about ten minutes.

Thanks James I appreciated.


I did stage 2 on April 11 and April 14. Both in D. If you could move one of them to C, would be great.
Please and Thank you

Are we allowed to talk about crit club?

Sure, why not.
Are you enjoying them??
I absolutely love this series. So much fun.
I kinda suck, but I’m trying to get stronger. I find C so much harder. Almost full gas all the time. No chance to recharge between hard efforts :tired_face:

I’m pretty sure Crit Club is like Street Countdown.

“You really must try and tell as many people as possible about it . It’s a rather fun game and the more people you tell about it the better!”

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The first rule of Crit Club is: you do not talk about Crit Club. The second rule:rofl:

I guess you were referring to this :laughing:

Hi Doug,

It looks like both of your results are already in C so I suspect someone beat me to it.

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I really enjoy this type of racing, personally I like stages double the distance, the short one are sprint races and at my age I found difficult to compete with the youngster. But Kudos to the organizers.

15 letters with Giles brandrith?