Crit City all cat mixed up

Today in Crit City, all the car were messed up

I really liked to only be with other C riders like it was before

Now it’s not as fun with all those A and B going all over the place thanks

This typically comes down to the race organizer. Some like to have mixed categories, some don’t. So this would be a request of the organizer (whichever team organizes).

You can also tell if it’s going to be mixed by looking at the start times. If they are staggered, they are separate. If they are the same, it will be mixed.

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Thanks for the hint!

It’s been a year I’ve been racing Crit City race, first time it happens

Yes, this never normally happens in Crit City races, which are organized by Zwift. They’ve been trying various different flavors of these the last several months, but changes are usually reflected/advertized by adding something to the title - was the race given a different title? Which specific race was it?

Oh yeah I’ve just noticed that categories have different times to start! The C was +2 minutes