crashing all the time

(Tony lewis Szr C) #1

Am on 2 month free Strava trial , since new course have ridden few  times but now crashing and can only get the richmond course ! before could pick a course  is this payment only and not on trail ? 

why so many crashes have  re installed so many times  frustration ++




(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Tony, sorry for the frustration.  In your case the crashes are courtesy of Apple - in OSX 10.11 upgrade they sorta  broke the NVIDIA 600 series driver.

To fix the crash, just install the latest driver from NVIDIA here:

As for the course, Richmond and Watopia are on different days. The calendar is posted on the drop-in screen once you’re in-game.  Watopia has intersections and choices, Richmond is the fixed UCI course from the worlds event in 2015.

(Georg Nikodym WoB) #3

I had two crashes yesterday.  Yes, it is OSX 10.11

But I run on a 2011 Macbook Pro which has an “AMD Radeon HD 6750M”

Oddly, the startup/login screen was different after the first crash almost as though there was an update that had been installed.

The second crash happened while my ride was paused for a phone call (yes, the Zwift app was running on my iphone when the call came).

It would be nice if the partial activities were still logged even in the face of an app crash.  Doesn’t seem like a big ask given that the app is in constant communication with the server(s).