Crank based power Meter question

Hi all.

I’m considering getting a a crank power meter to replace my wahoo speed and cadence sensors.

Do I still need to use the cadence sensor or does the PM do it all?

Thanks in advance.


What crank based power meter are you considering?

I would say in most cases that crank based power meters have a cadence sensor built in, I know that the 4iiii power meters do.

Thinking about the 4iiii 105 as it’s pretty cheap at the moment.

I have used a 4iiii PRECISION Ultegra 6800 for over 2 years with zero issues.

Edit: Over 3 years.

I’ve started zwift racing and without a proper pm and on a dumb trainer, my power is so unrealistic.

Thanks mate. I think you’ve sold it for me.

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And another thing, the battery seems to last for a very long time in them.

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