Correction of incorrect FTP resulting in DQs in races

Sat Jan 09, 2021 6:18 pm

About a month ago I had a problem with my Wahoo Kickr which caused Zwift to record exceptionally high power output and giving me an FTP of about 100 watts higher than it should be (337 watts instead of 237). This put me in category B, but I have always entered myself in Cat C, which is what I should be. As a result I have been DQ’d in all my races since then. I have since managed to change my FTP back to 237 watts on Zwift Power. Does anyone know how I can advise Zwift of the case and avoid being DQ’d again or will Zwift Power automatically rectify this? Many thanks Rob

Sticky responded 9 Jan 2020 From what date can you say your power values are accurate?

Power values were correct from 19 November 2020

Send an email here and ask for a trainer up grade .
Include a start date.

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Many thanks Gerrie I’ve done as you suggested.

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Hi Gerrie
I’ve not received any notification that my incorrect power date (due to a faulty Wahoo Kickr, since corrected) for the Hare & Hounds race on 18 Nov 2020 which has caused me to be DQd in every race since, has been amended. Would an easy fix be to delete that race from my results to correct the issue?
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