Correct spelling in French: Allez

The new Alpe route imitates Tour climbs with fan-painted messages on the road surface, except that the spelling should be “allez” (no accent) and not “alléz” (which is not a word in the French language, nor is it a conjugation of the verb “aller”). A straightforward spellcheck should have caught this.

Thanks for the link Paul. I search for previous posts on “allez”, which didn’t return anything; perhaps I should have searched for “French spelling” instead.

Well so they made a mistake but is this really such a concern. Maybe it was a fan on the road that sprayed it wrong…easy…In real races all kinds of weird stuff is painted on the road

Correct spelling in french. When you received a Ride On… that show at the top: « rider name » dites Ride On…
It’s not the right term. It’s like someone vous dites Ride On. The real thing should be: « rider’s name » vous dit Ride On.
Thank you