Converting a MTB to road please

Hi, just joined Zwift having got an Elite Direto X, only problem is this is set up for 9,10,11 cassette’s and my old MTB only has an 8 speed, so the question is can I buy a road based groupset and fit it to my mountain bike - I’m new to all this so please go easy on me!

Did it not come with spacers? You might be able to use your 8-speed:

Hi, thanks for the response - yes, there were some spacers to use if you are using a 9-speed cassette. I am currently using the 8 speed in place but it’s a little clunky and to be fair the gearing on the MTB is not great - so was considering just upgrading it…

I usually use my rower, but I am also using an old MTB I had laying about as a Zwift bike. I have a Wahoo Core and it came with a spacer that worked with my 8-speed. I did end up buying a bigger crankset (52?) because I was spinning out. I think the original chainring was a 44? The cassette and ring were worn out anyhow and the replacements were fairly cheap, but certainly not what i would call a super smooth setup!

According to Bikeman 8 and 9 speed shimano cassettes are the same width. So Use the spacer they supply for 9 speed (or buy one).

You may need some help getting the cassette off your bike wheel and getting it onto the trainer unless you have the tools you need.

Generally if you want more gears on your bike it’s gonna cost a lot because you need a new derailleur, cassette, cables and shifters.

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