Continuing La Reine until top of Ventoux

Hi all, wondering how to get this info but struggling a bit on where to find it.
If I complete La Reine and then continue the remaining 6km until the top of Ventoux (the end of the Ven-Top route), what is the additional climbing involved?
Just trying to understand the total climb one would need to do to reach the top.


About 350m more climbing. See Complete Master List of All Zwift Course Routes | Zwift Insider

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Since La Reine includes the Petit KOM, there’s some climbing there that won’t happen on the Ven-Top Route (also, some climbing on Ven-Top before the cross roads) So I assumed simply subtracting both would not be enough.
Any way to calculate the climb just for the last 6km of Ven-Top?

To clarify, I want to know how much there is to climb in the last 6km of Ven-Top

You can open both segments on Strava and see where the one end and then start from there on the full climb and calculate the elevation gain.

So about 418m


Ven-Top goes up the Petit KOM too, just from the other side. So both La Reine and Ven-Top do very similar climbing up till the routes join together at the top of the Petit KOM.

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What extension do you have on Strava? I don’t have that much info on the segment page.

I have the sauce extension.

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Thanks Gerrie, that is exactly what I needed, and I got a new tool to try :slight_smile:

FYI, I did La Reine as part of TdZ and carried on to the summit. It was my first time. I was pleasantly surprised that it got easier after the La Reine banner

Even though we’ve already been shown how to figure this out, I can report that when I did La Reine and continued to the Ventoux summit, the ride was 5,322 ft total elevation gain. When I did La Reine and immediately u-turned after the route banner, the ride was 3,967 ft total elevation gain. This is a difference of 1,355 ft, so basically spot-on with what Gerrie posted!

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