La Reine/Ventoux Course Marker Issue

This morning I rode the VTdF Stage 5 Discovery Ride on the La Reine route. I noted that the 1KM banner was placed nearly immediately after the roadside tombstone showing 7km to go to the summit of Ventoux. When I reached the 6km tombstone, though, there were still about 225 meters to go before the finish banner. Are the roadside tombstones placed incorrectly, or is the 1km banner just in the wrong spot? (Sorry, no pictures as I wasn’t aware of the issue when I passed the 1km banner. If I do the ride again I will be sure to get a screenshot.)

Noticed exactly the same thing—forgot about it until I saw this thread.

Thanks @Nigel_Tufnel I’ve flagged it to for our game team to review.

La Reine Route isn‘t going all the way up the mount ventoux. So everything is fine. The stones mark the distance to the very top! 1000m banner and finish banner are at the correct spot (la reine route).

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I get what you are saying. I had time splits and some did seem shorter and one longer than average times.

The top of Ven-Top is 6k farther than the finish at Reynard, true. But the “7k to go” stone marker (which should be 1k from the finish at Reynard) is close to, but not quite lined up with the “1k to go” banner for Reynard; see pic below:

…and the “6k to go” stone marker is next to the “250m to go” sign for Reynard–i.e. it should be pretty much aligned with the Reynard finish (6k from the top of Ven-Top), but in the below pic you can see that it’s just in front of Moolman-Pasio near the “250m to go” sign; the finish is still 250m away up the road.

@Roman_Kuhn @Zee_Kryder what I am trying to say is that on the La Reine route (as well as on Ventoux as a whole) there are km to go markers that go all the way to the summer. I am presuming these are 1km apart. On the La Reine route, though, the 1km to go banner (to the finish of the La Reine route) comes almost immediately after the 7km to to top tombstone. Then, the 6km to go (to the summit) tombstone comes with about 225 meters to go before the La Reine finish banner.

So, either the 7km and 6km tombstones are only about 775 meters apart, or the 1km to go banner is about 1,225 meters from the finish banner.

@Nigel_Tufnel: ok, now I got it.

It seems marker 6 is about 200 meters or so too early