Climbed Ventoux But It Didn't Count?

I chose the La Reine route because I saw the elevation and wanted to climb but as I was climbing I realized it was Ventoux that the La Reine route was on. So I decided to climb to the top of Ventoux after finishing the La Reine route, however I didn’t get a notification at the top of Ventoux when I went through the finish saying I had climbed Ventoux and I didn’t get a Ventoux KOM time. Is this because I was in the La Reine route? Just wondering if I need to do something different next time I climb Ventoux to get a KOM time or if this was just a glitch.

La Reine doesn’t cross the start of the Ventoux segment, so you won’t get a Ventoux segment time.

Ven-Top is the only route that covers the Ventoux segment.


That makes sense. Thanks!

Yes. But it would be nice to have a timer or at least a strava segment for it.
@Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn Could you add a segment from the petite to the top?
I’ve seen a lot of riders get disappointed as they think they are climbing Ventoux.

Good idea. Just added added Chalet Reynard Banner to Ventoux Banner and Petit KOM Banner to Ventoux Banner.


Great. That makes me want to go that route. Thanks.