Connect via direct ethernet connection

When will there be a direct cable connection via a network port on your bike? Just plug-in the network cable from your bike to the internet and login on your PC. No hassle around with BT and/or ANT+. This way so much more bikes can connect to Zwift (like my Daum Ergobike 8i). 
When will this feature be implemented?


By Zwift?  Never since it’s a hardware “feature” that trainer manufacturers would have to implement.


Sorry for being not clear. Reading the ethernetport of a PC is not a hardware feature. Simply tell the Zwift software to listen to the ethernet port. Obviously I’m talking about the PC version, not the app for mobile devices.

But there has to be an Ethernet port to begin with…

I guess the Daum ergobike 8i is not the only one with an ethernet port.

What are the others?


How old is this trainer you are requesting Zwift to implement? Most if not all trainers made in the last few years are Bluetooth and/or ANT+.

I don’t think it’s an old trainer Paul.  I think he’s wondering if Zwift can implement an Ethernet connection to eliminate a PC.  The Daum, I believe, has an Ethernet port and interface to allow this.



Got it. I don’t think it will work since their is a need for local graphics rendering, 

Agreed.  Plus you’d need some sort of hardware to allow the trainer to “speak” to your router, access point, etc.

Then we move from BT and ANT+ troubleshooting to DHCP and IP address complications…;-{).

There is only one indoor trainer with direct connection - 


Not correct. The Daum Ergobike premium 8i also has a direct ethernet port.