Configurable resistance baseline

Right now when using Zwift for 90% of the time I’m using gear 15 or higher on my 20 gear road bike as the resistance for my normal bike cadence is just not high enough. 

Besides the feeling of being to slow for the power I put in, driving is also extremely loud because the high gear and rotation creates an enormous spin on the kickr which makes the whole house vibrate.

Having some configuration of the restistance that Zwift uses to control the Kickr would be super-awesome especially for evening rides in a house where you have kids sleeping.

Have you changed the difficulty setting?

No…I’ve never seen it actually. Thats another things that could be improved though: being able to change config without joining an actual game, maybe even configure teh stuff via the web page.

You can do that already. Launch Zwift and choose “Just watch” then hit the orange arrow at the bottom left and it’ll bring up the settings screen. You can change your kit etc from there.

Often do that on my work PC, which isn’t powerful enough to run Zwift properly but it works enough to be able to change my kit and that gets reflected when I log into my home computer.

Ok checked that, but isn’t that just the sensitivity with which Zwidt adapts resistance changes?

What I actually wanted is a general increase of difficulty over all power-levels without changing the sensitivity of power changes.

Something like a multiplication-factor:

New Resistance = Current resistance * x

…and I can set x.

I need this to