Computrainer won't pair (Win 10 update?)

(JD Griffis) #1

Got a new laptop with NVidia card for express purposes of better Zwift experience. Worked OK the first couple of times with the new laptop, but now it won’t pair with my Computrainer (doesn’t find it). Only thing that I can think of that’s changed is Windows applied a bunch of Win 10 updates.

Very frustrating… I’ve used Zwift with my CT since July of last year and not had any issues at all. Checked all the cables, etc. Any ideas?

(Ray Ruyack) #2

Review this and see if that gets it going -–Setting-up-a-Computrainer

(Jason K) #3

What Ray said. :slight_smile: If that doesn’t help, send us a support ticket at

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #4

Not sure what might have happened, but my win10 upgrade worked fine and the CT still pairs fine so it isn’t a general problem.

(JD Griffis) #5

Working now! Reinstalling drivers (in compatibility mode) seemed to do the trick. Just strange that was required only after the Win10 update 

(Ray Ruyack) #6

Microshaft does that sometimes to you…  Ride on…