Compulsory to show event distance on events listing

It would be great to show actual distance of an event on event listing (on both website and mobile link app). I was going to do an event yesterday that was usually 40km but after I started was 100km, which I didn’t have time for.

Current information is sometimes time or distance, but mostly route and no of laps. That means I have to check route distance on another page and calculate. Would be most helpful if all on one page.


I completely agree.

I scroll through each event looking - trying to look for their distances - to judge whether I’d be able to participate.

Having a compulsory set of data that event organisers must include would be great!

Distance, and/or time, or at least lap length (since # of laps is usually quoted)

I agree too. No knowing the distance is really annoying.

I would love to see the distance of an event if it is a distance based event.

If it is a time based event the event should have a time.

I see lots of events with the number of laps, but I do not know the distance each lap is.

Estimated time would also be appreciated.

When browsing events it is largely based on the amount of time I want to spend as well as how difficult the ride will be. Some days I want to go all out. Some days I want an easy recovery day. I definitely enjoy group rides and it would be easier to find them with this additional data.