Completed route badge icon beside route name

Some people like to complete new routes to get extra XP. But tracking badges and picking routes is so annoying. People are forced to use 3rd party websites or print routes and tick them off manually.
First to check badges you must enter to world to find out which one is completed then back to menu and pick route. Before you had to close game completely. Now you can back to menu. But still that don’t make any sense.

My idea is just to add Badge icon in routes menu. There is a lot space on right side of the route name.
If route is not completed badge might be grey. If you complete route it might have full colour.
Tracking badges should be allowed in companion app as well.
This is most expensive virtual training platform, it’s a shame that UI is so bad.
Don’t understand why there is no access to options or badges before you enter into game world.

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