Compatibility with mac

I would like to download zwift for a 2014 macbook air (Mac OS BIG SUR) but the download never ends. It’s a fixable bug or I’m forced to change computers to use this application.

Should work, the minimum requirement is Mojave 10.14.4.

It stays like this at the end of the download

I haven’t seen this issue on macOS. You might try booting in Safe Mode and trying the installation again. Anti-virus or cloud storage apps might interfere with the installer. I guess it’s also possible that network firewall software or hardware (router) could cause the install to stop.

Thanks for your advice.
I did this test, unfortunately I didn’t solve the problem. I also tried removing the firewall.

You could take the laptop to a different network such as a cafe or library and see if it installs there. If it doesn’t then it’s probably something to do with the mac. If it does work then there’s probably a network problem.