Can't download Zwift onto my Mac

Hi Zwift,

My name is Dr Nessan Costello - I am super excited to start using Swift, however the software will not download on my Mac (has worked fine on my IOS Apple mobile and I managed to log my first ride). The application says it is downloading for ~20 minutes and when it reaches the end of the time set, it just increases to a ridiculous number (e.g., 60376520 minutes).

I would like to use Zwift on my Mac due to the increased screen size and ability to link it to my TV. Any advice would be amazing thanks!

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Hi @Nessan_Costello welcome to Zwift forums.
Is it an older Mac running OS v10.9.x? Zwift no longer supports any macOS older than 10.10.x.

This may be why your computer can not download / install this version of the app. In order to add more exciting graphics and features to the game, it no longer is possible to run on older versions.

Hi Zwift,

My lap is running on version 11.2.2… so I don’t think this is then reason?
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Ok, let’s eliminate that root cause.

There are some other issues that might prevent you from installing correctly which are outlined on this Support Hub page. By any chance is this a work-issued computer that’s administered by your IT department?

Hi Zwift,

No this is my own personal Mac.

I have been sent the support Hub page and not been able to prevent the problem.

Is it possible to please speak to your IT department?

Thank you,

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You are, Shooj works for Zwift HQ and is very knowledgeable.