Compare Current Ride to 30-Day PR

I’d like to be able to see a comparison of my current ride to my 30-day PR. Yesterday I was riding on the Camps-Elysees, and I could see my 30-day PR time, along with my current time on that loop. However, I had no way of knowing if I was on pace to beat that PR or if I was lagging behind. The bar graph that is displayed across the top of the screen needs either a second bar to represent PR pace, or a vertical line that shows where you would need to be in order to match that PR (similar to Olympic swim events, where a virtual yellow line shows WR pace).

Hi Bill,

People have been asking for the option to have ‘ghost’ riders, who ride your previous best lap to chase, similar to how the old (when I last used them) video games had for driving simulators.

I imagine that this would be a lot of data for Zwift to hold and share on displays around the world depending on what we want. But it would be a nice to have one day.


That’s why I suggested a simple change to the bar graph. If they know my 30-day PR and they know how long the loop is, it’s a simple calculation to know where I need to be in order to match that pace. Displaying that with a “ghost rider” sounds fairly complicated, but showing it on the existing display shouldn’t require significant changes to the current program.

You still need the same data to achieve that.

And it’s not as simple as moving the bar at the average pace of your best time as that would be pointless if for example your ride ended with a big hill.