Companion font spacing not correct, screws up display

Running the Zwift Companion on an Android (Samsung Galaxy S10e) and the spacing in the screen layout is not sufficient for the size of the font used. Whe in the Map page of Companion, the heart rate does not fit in the spacing ahead of BPM so it pushed the 3rd character down to the next line. Then the next line of text, which is all useful information, is pushed off the display. See attached photo.

The second place that has the same issue is in looking at an activity after it has completed. Notice the spacing for the word “ELEVATION” does not have enough room so the word wraps to the next line messing up the display. This one is just an annoyance as it does not affect functionality like the first one, but another example where the screen layout did not leave enough room for the characters. Both manifestations of the same bug.

Very old problem …

Plenty of other posts around too.

One font change “fixed” this for a few days a few months back but the font was changed again shortly after that. If anything, it’s worse nowadays as it seems the list of values that triggers this behavior has gotten larger… Sad.

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Sad that this has been around for a long time as Dean is pointing out, yet they have not fixed it. Such a simple fix and Zwift is not solving it.

Thanks for the replies.

Zwift have said they are going to stick the Critical Power data into the Companion App at some point in the future, plus Personalised Leaderboards coming zoon, so it would be surprising if they dont fix a few things while they are coding away.


Fixed that for you.


lol, it did feel like the most overly-optimistic post I have made here for a while

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Hello Joel

I have also experienced this spacing problem on my Samsung Galaxy S21. I did some fiddling around with my phones display settings, and it appears to have solved this problem for me.

Here is what worked for me:

Go to Settings, then Display, then Font Style. My phone was set to Default. I switched it to SamsungOne.

Now the Zwift Companion App looks good again. Hope this work for you.


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That font is awful (imo) but it had no effect for me. FYI changing (reducing) font size from non-standard also works but we shouldn’t have to compromise every other function on our phones just because Zwift devs don’t know how to code a couple of fields to avoid word wrapping.

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Thanks Micheal and Dean, I’ll give those a try. I’m travelling for a couple weeks so it will be a while before I can check and report back.

Hey Joel - see my note in another thread on same subject - half fixed for me

I am still using the Android standard font but went one font size smaller and it solved the problem.

I have sight impairment hence smaller fonts never suited me unfortunately.