Companion App Workout --> Free Ride Dashboard Bug

I have spotted a minor bug with the Companion App. In specific circumstances it will display the workout-style dashboard even in free ride mode.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open PC app and then open Companion app. Companion app switches to linked mode.

  2. Pair trainer/pm/HRM/cadence on main app and get through to course/workout selection screen

  3. Select workout and confirm

  4. Select course

  5. Change mind and remove workout, so that you will enter the game in free ride mode

  6. Click Ride

The incorrect dashboard will be displayed. All other features of the app work correctly.

Zwift running on Windows 10 1709, latest updates applied to app

Companion App running on iPhone SE iOS 11.3 15E216

Hi Russell,

Thanks for the info. We have seen this issue and have included a fix for this in the next release. Let us know if the issue is not resolved after 2.2.3 goes out.




Great. Thanks Laszlo