Companion App UI Button cleanup: REPLACE BUTTONS

Yeah, I get the drawbacks of press-and-hold.

One feature request I’ve mentioned elsewhere: “route lock” - the ability to flip a switch to make turns (including U-turns) impossible once a route was selected. This accomplishes the same thing, avoiding accidental turns off route and would negate the need for press and hold.


The Bell button does not appear on my Companion App (latest version/Android 10) and seems that is missing from some iOS configurations too. Could you please resolve this as part of this review?

Note: Zwift actually exhorts me to ring the bell as there is an encouraging message during the load screen process.

Please, please don’t


On Windows systems, one of the F keys (F8, maybe) is mapped to the bell.

Yeah - but it doesn’t appear to be on the Companion App. At least not for me and some others,

I think I’ve made my wishes clear (delete all the noisemaking buttons, and several others) and the upvotes (hundreds?) on the original post suggested general consensus.

The Companion app should be lean and mean, much like the glass cockpit in a modern aircraft.

If ZHQ in their wisdom want to keep the noise functions, I’d suggest burying them as a text command that invokes them (#BELL #HAMMER #TOAST #NICE) with a 2 minute cool-down between uses to stop the noise spam.

Please, Zwift, just let the noise-making functions die. They might have been “cute and playful” c.Jarvis Island - now they’re just obnoxious and make the game demonstrably worse for the majority of users.